season of the rains

The season of the rains has come
So suddenly, so strong
Sky black, water falls
You’d think the falling rain
Might just wash you from the world

The road is rough, its getting dark
You cannot hide, you just run fast
A banana leaf will cover you
You run and laugh and dance

You drop your phone, it doesn’t break
You laugh and run again
Then van meets puddle on the road
Delivers you its muddy grace
Splashed onto clothes and into face
You jump and laugh
What are they doing up there?
You ask

Then when the rain has stopped
You sit on the porch of your wooden hut
With dripping palms, the sea, the heat
And the scent of the forest plants is good

Copyright © Sol Hale & Robert Hale 2020.
Koh Phangan, Thailand and Santa Eulària des Riu, Eivissa, April 2020.

Photo by Simon via Pixabay, Pixabay licence.

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