it all passes by

The inviolable chance of the wind between the gusts
In the trice of calm mid-current in a boulder’s lee
In the wink of time afore the evening blackbird flies
There it lives and there it dies
Take it now, for nothing stays
It all passes by

Young folk who walked with me through avenues of beech
Now walk in foreign towns on narrow cobbled streets
And I, have nothing more to teach – I watch
The silvered breath of green beech boughs
Drip morning tears gently to the field
Nothing stays, they softly say
It all passes by

Three cranes of plumage gleaming green
Slide serene across a rosy rippling sky
In the park unseeing people walk blasé
As the birds go gliding to the trees
Their colours melting in the leaves
Nothing stays, it seems
It all passes by

Outside the gates bullets fly for souls
But then again the streets I hear are silent
A blackbird perches on my sill, it knows
How many a gust has blown and gone
Since the world was young
So hark! Do listen closely when
The blackbird calls its leaving song
It says
Nothing stays the same
For long

Copyright © Robert Hale 2020.

Photo by Karen Arnold via, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 licence.

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