the bird flies in the night

The bird flies in the night
Its path is true
Where will it alight?

A citadel stands upon the hill
Its walls are set with jewels
Its winding streets are still

To the bay the fishers’ nets are brought
The fisher song is sung
Will the shiny fish be caught?

A wave throws a pebble on the beach
The die is cast
How far will the pebble reach?

A patchwork quilt covers the land
What does the farmer till
In earth of iron or lime or sand?

In the meadow the flowers bloom
Seeking light
The lovely flowers squabble for room

Out in the field the shepherd sleeps
Will his flock be safe?
A snake lies coiled beside his feet

The bird flies east through the night
Its mind is true
On which tree will it alight?

The northern peaks are hidden in cloud
The lone Sherpa climbs
Where will he stop to lower his load?

The pine trees whisper on the breeze
Their voice is clear
Who will their whispers hear?

The night train steams its journey west
The iron rails are true
At which station will it rest?

Copyright © Robert Hale 2020.
Image: Painting by David Walsh, 1958. Permission granted.

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