robert hale

My poetry is here. All written content is my own. Please respect copyright (see the copyright page). For further details of my poetry and books, including where to purchase, look here.

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  • commonplace poem
    I read my poems down in townBy the ancient abbey groundsSome stopped to listen, even to applaudGood Lord!Others just walked, … More
  • the overcoat
    Then the world was cold like snowAt least maybe I felt it soI wore a long dark overcoatNow it’s faded, … More
  • heroes of a different kind of freedom
    the gardener Read The Gardener of Kabul the trumpeter Read The Trumpeter of Kabul
  • beyond
    I’ll take off this faded overcoatThis bleach-stained t-shirtMy worn jeans and dust-encrusted desert bootsLay them downThen wash myself of sweat … More
  • wastin’ time
    Wastin’ time wid words an’ songsAin’t here gonna bake no sconesWon’t neither butter no crumpetsFoolin’ wid dem poems an’ trumpetsBut … More